Top 8 Unwritten Rules of the Desert | AGM Quick Tip

Top 8 unwritten rules of the desert

The Desert is an awesome place. So many new people are discovering this, but no one is letting them know how to behave while they learn and explore the activity we know and love. Here is our Top 8 unwritten rules of the desert. Let us know yours below and if you find value in this video, please share it with others. Together we can educate the community, making the desert a cleaner and safer place to play. Ensuring we will get to do exactly that for decades to come.

Why Bleed Your Brakes? | AGM Quick Tip



We always hear that we should bleed our brakes. But why? Does it really matter? And what happens if I don't? In today's Quick Tip we talk about why its important and the best way to tackle the Job. Don't worry its easier than you might think.

Pro tip for installing bolts

Do you throw tools or curse the engineers while working on your ride? The frustration of trying to get some nuts and bolts back in their hole can be unbearable. You drop them over and over hoping they hit the ground and when they don't, the 20 minute search begins. Here are some quick and easy tips that will keep your hardware in the socket until it finds its home and keep you from going to the looney bin.

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