Dakar Jacking System

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With large fields of vehicles and teams winning races by only seconds. Racing is more competitive than ever. Don't get left behind because of a...

Control Manifold

Dakar Jacking System Lift/Recovery
The Control Manifold is the operations center of any Jacking System. All directional control and fluid checking is done here. The manifold's housing is...

Power Unit - Stand Alone Hydraulic Power Supply for Dakar Jack System

Dakar Jacking System Lift/Recovery
Don't want to tie into your existing power steering circuit to power your Dakar Jacking System? No problem. This stand alone power unit can...

Dakar Jacking Assembly

Dakar Jacking System Lift/Recovery
Designed to be light weight without sacrificing strength, the Dakar Jack assembly is the perfect balance of power and weight savings. Each unit is...

Complete Jacking System Foot Assembly

Dakar Jacking System Lift/Recovery
Complete foot assembly, with either 8in diameter Baja pad (dished) 12in diameter Dakar pad (flat)  

Jacking System Pad -ONLY-

Dakar Jacking System Lift/Recovery
Replacement Jacking System Pad - 8" Baja (dished) or 12" Dakar (flat) NOTE: Sold without foot assembly. Priced as each, individually for single unit orders.Two required...

Upper Chassis Mounts

Dakar Jacking System Lift/Recovery
The Upper Chassis Mount is designed to locate the of top the Jack assembly to the Chassis and bear the majority of the lifting...

Service Wrench

Dakar Jacking System Lift/Recovery
This special Tool aids in the assembly and disassembly of each Jack. Made of lightweight aluminum, anodized in satin black. And featuring a clamping...

Power Steering Pressure Relief Valve

Dakar Jacking System Engine & Chassis Lift/Recovery
The Power Steering Pressure Relief valve is a small, lightweight unit that lets you tune your power steering for maximum performance. By moving the pressure...

Power Steering Pressure Relief Valve Test Gauge

Dakar Jacking System Lift/Recovery
Setting the correct pressure in your power steering system is on the utmost importance. Ensure your power steering system is set to the correct...

Jack Assembly Reseal Kit

Dakar Jacking System Lift/Recovery
Jack Assembly Reseal Kit includes seals and gland necessary to rebuild one (1) jack assembly.


Dakar Jacking System Lift/Recovery
Replacement limit switch for Dakar Jack Assembly. This switch informs the driver when the jack has been lowered. Just .200 of drop will trigger...
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