EXR Fuel Tank - Can-Am X3 - 4 seat car - AGMProducts
EXR Fuel Tank - Can-Am X3 - 4 seat car - AGMProducts
EXR Fuel Tank - Can-Am X3 - 4 seat car - AGMProducts
EXR Fuel Tank - Can-Am X3 - 4 seat car - AGMProducts
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EXR Fuel Tank - Can-Am X3 - 4 seat car

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Picture this: You're gearing up for an unforgettable trail ride, but the fear of running out of gas threatens to ruin your trip. You don't want to kick someone out of your car to strap a 5 gallon fire hazard into it or have to turn back partway. But what other option do you have?


Say hello to the AGM EXR Fuel Tank, your solution for conquering the great outdoors with confidence!


Are you ready to Go Further?


**Key Features:**

🚀 Extend Your Range: With an extra 8+ gallon of capacity available at the push of a switch, the AGM EXR Fuel Tank is your passport to nearly doubling the range of your Can-Am X3 UTV. Bid farewell to range anxiety and embrace the freedom to explore further and longer.


🧰 Effortless Installation: No need for complicated welding or chassis modifications. The AGM EXR Fuel Tank is engineered for a user-friendly bolt-on installation, requiring just a few hours and basic tools. It's a simple DIY upgrade to extend your off-road adventures.


👍 Preserve Your Stock Fuel System: Concerned about tinkering with your vehicle's stock fuel system? Fear not! The AGM EXR Fuel Tank seamlessly integrates without impacting your stock setup. Enjoy the benefits of extended range without sacrificing your vehicle's integrity.


🔋 Be a Trail Hero: Thanks to the external port and Buddy Hose, you're not just extending your own adventure – you're also becoming the savior for friends who might run out of gas. A lifeline to keep the adventure going and a hero helping others get back to camp. 


🚗 Versatile Fit: Whether your front seats are in the up or down position, and even with most aftermarket skid plates, the AGM EXR Fuel Tank fits into your Can-Am X3. It's designed with compatibility in mind, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


🔄 Removable and Non-Invasive: Planning to switch vehicles or return to your original setup? The AGM EXR Fuel Tank can be easily removed without leaving your car riddled with holes or damaged. It's a flexible investment in your off-road adventures.


Elevate Your Off-Road Experience: Don't let your dream trips be limited by fuel capacity. With the AGM EXR Fuel Tank, you're not just extending your range; you're expanding your possibilities.


Say "YES" to the adventure of a lifetime with the AGM EXR Fuel Tank. Don't let fuel constraints hold you back; Get your AGM EXR Fuel Tank today and rewrite the rules of how far you can go. Adventure awaits, and now you have the fuel to seize it!

Customer Reviews

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Phil P.
Great Product. Well thought out kit.

The step by step video takes out all the guess work. Of course the video has a new car with no extras. So it can be simple. In my case with aftermarket wiring, seats, cage etc, it did add a bit more work. WELL Worth it. My Pro R only gets about 100 miles on a tank. now I can get almost double. No need to carry gas cans in the back seats anymore. Handling at high speeds actually improved with the added weight and having low center of gravity. Highly recommend. Thanks, AGM... Phil

X3 gas tank

The product is well built. The installation was fairly straightforward. I have not had the tank in long enough to make a review of how well it holds up, but it does work good. However, when I bought the 3 tanks, I was told more than once I would be provided with T-shirts and some stickers for my friends and I, and never received them.

Jerry S.
Salt Life 101

The tanks and installation video are excellent the only things I added for my own peace of mind was some 1/8" felt material between the fuel and vent lines where they pass under the metal bracket at the factory fuel tank position. I also added some 1.25" aluminum angles along the center console with holes for the 1 star bolt and the 3 push in rivets, as I did not like the way the console was unsecure once the battery boxes were removed for its connection. Other than those personal preferences the whole system was spot on!! Great Job Guys!!

Zach W.C.

EXR Fuel Tank - Polaris RZR Pro R 4

Jason Z.
Pro R Tank Worth Every Penny

Just got the Pro R EXR tank installed and it almost doubles your fuel range on these thirsty girls. Install video and directions were clear, anyone could tackle it in a day. I really like how you don't have to lose your rear seats and you can still fold down the rear seats and use the back for storage, everything is completely hidden unlike other tanks out there.