QUICK TIPS - How to Crash the Right Way

QUICK TIPS - How to Crash the Right Way

Nobody wants to crash. But sometimes we don't have a choice in the matter. Here's 4 Quick Tips that will help you should you find yourself suddenly upside down, in the air, in your vehicle. 


1. As a passenger all you want to do is grab your seat belt(s) and relax your muscles. There's nothing you can do at this point, so there's no reason to tense up and possibly pull a muscle, sprain a tendon or hurt other body parts. It will all be over soon, so relax. 

Passenger grabbing their belts and relaxing in a crash



2. If you are a driver and you are trying to save the vehicle from rolling, make sure your thumbs are outside of the steering wheel. When you land the steering wheel can rip out of your hands and if your thumbs are inside the wheel, you can break a thumb...not fun. 

Driver places his thumbs outside the steering wheel so they don't break
Do not place your thumbs inside the steering wheel.



3. If its a HUGE crash and there's no chance you're going to save it, do the same as the passenger. Grab your belts and relax. 

Driver grabbing his belts and relaxing in a crash



4. Most importantly, whenever possible...try not to crash!

drivers about to crash in his UTV




Which ever side you're on, NEVER put your hands on the roof of the vehicle. The roof can crush in on you or an arm can slip out and get cut off by the car. 

We are glad you are okay, Valerie!



Click here to watch the full demonstration on YouTube.