AGA Lift Table

Lift Table Tools
The Lift Table weighs in at 620lbs, has a footprint measurement of 57" x 29" and the platform measures 48" x 24". With dual...

Lift Table Strut Support

Lift Table Tools
All new from AGA Tools is our AGA Lift Table Strut Support. Designed to work with our  Lift Table, this added option allows you to...

Transmission Jack Head For Lift Table

Lift Table Tools
Will fit most transmission jacks and lift tables with transmission jack head adapters, including the AGA Lift Table! Fits a wide variety of transmissions making...

Lift Table Extension

Lift Table New Products
Increase the spread of the AGA Lift Table from 38" to 64" Great for battery removals or vehicles with wider subframe Hardware included Sold...

AGA Lift Pads

Lift Table New Products Tools
AGA Lift Pads are designed to increase the distance between the arms on your vehicle lift and the lifting points on your vehicle. This...

Lift Table Fixture Rack

Lift Table New Products Tools
Have you purchased the Lift Table Fixture Set but realized you don't have anywhere to put the fixtures? This Lift Table Fixture Rack include (2) racks,...

Lift Table Fixture Rack

Lift Table New Products Tools
Now available Lift Table Fixture Set for those that already have a lift table but want to incorporate the Fixture Set to their table....

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