Jack Rod Stand Mount - AGMProducts
Jack Rod Mount - AGMProducts
Jack Rod Stand Mount - AGMProducts
Jack Rod Mount - AGMProducts
Jack Rod Stand Mount - AGMProducts
Jack Rod Stand Mount - AGMProducts
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Jack Rod Mount

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Size: Standard Length

Standard Length

The JACK ROD is an amazing tool. So how do you improve on amazing? …How about storing it right on your floor jack, ready to use at a moments notice. -BOOM-

Secure your JACK ROD to your floor jack handle with zip ties or hose clamps. Or use any of the mounting holes to bolt this mount directly to your floor jack, tool box, cart or where ever will make accessing the JACK ROD easier for you. 

Know your JACK ROD is within reach when you need to perform a repair with this mount. Now lets get to work! 

NOTE: Jack Rod sold separately from mount. 

Customer Reviews

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Adrian gray
Great items

I have seen this product mention and videos and was thinking about getting two for some time I knew I would have to import as I live in the United Kingdom
I should have got the xl version for my jack but I got the standard and forgo the full jack potential
I got the standard size as there will be more adjustment in the heights I can set at lower levels
It is a great product very well made makes you feel safer when working even if changing a tyre quick and easy to use even if you use jack stands you still have to position the stands
I would recommend them I have had a jack leak and I didn't know luckily I was replacing a tyre it was only when I went to put it back on I realised the car had dropped

Great Product and AMAZING Customer Satisfaction Response!!!

The Jack Rod is a very high quality tool I've been wanting for a while and I finally gave myself a Christmas gift. I got the Jack Rod for the 2-3 ton floor jack in my garage, and unfortunately the jack rod could not position itself high enough for my jack. That was no fault of AGM, but a bad assumption on my part for not realizng my 3 ton floor jack goes a little higher than the average. So keep that in mind when you are deciding on your Jack Rod length. There are tons of manufacturers that make different heigh profiles for their jacks so it isn't a "one size fits all" that the Jack Rod is promising, but a "one size fits most." When I called in to get some support for this, the AGM staff offered immediate assistance, explained why I was having a fitment issue, but did not just leave me out to dry. They went the extra effort to help me exchange my unit for the XL model, which is quite a bit longer and the best fit for my floor jack. I have to thank Navid and the team for going above and beyond the call of duty here, especially during the holidays, to ensure my full satisfaction and recognizing that customer loyalty and value is a two-way street. I'm a customer for life and will recommend this tool to everyone I know! One more thing, for you DIYers at home, this tool will save your life! So if your life is worth more than a hundred bucks, BUY THIS NOW! If you're unsure about which model to buy for your 3 ton floor jack, buy the longer one. The photos I have attached show my 3-ton floor jack at full extension with the Jack Rod XL. There are 5 more notches left on the rod too so this thing can go even higher. It's not only worth the money, it's worth your existence too! Thanks again to AGM for your integrity and customer-centric values!

Thank you for the review. There are many different types of vehicles and jobs that must be performed with a floor jack. Because it is physically impossible to make one product to serve all our customers different height requirements, we make a standard length and an XL length version of the 3.5 ton Jack Rod. (you can find the collapsed height and extended height of each version on our website, along with our recommendations).

If the Jack Rod you purchased does not meet your height requirement you can call us at 760-884-8319 to discuss an exchange for the XL version, if you would like.


No need to look for another jack spot for the stand. It’s very sturdy and solid. I feel safe underneath the car

Jay T.
How did we get along without this?

The Jack Rod is not only incredibly easy to use, but we've made it mandatory in our race shop. For safety, the Jack Rod must be used any time a hydraulic floor jack is used.


high-quality workmanship