The Electric Jack - AGMProducts
The Electric Jack - AGMProducts
The Electric Jack - AGMProducts
The Electric Jack - AGMProducts
The Electric Jack - AGMProducts
The Electric Jack - AGMProducts
Electric Jack Key Features - AGM Products
AGM Electric Jack lifting the front of a Honda Talon
The Electric Jack
AGM Electric Jack lifting the back of a Kawasaki KRX4
AGM Electric Jack lifting the front of a Can-Am X3
The Electric Jack
AGM Electric Jack lifting the front of a Kawasaki KRX4
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AGM Electric Jack Rollover recovery video-jack-offroad-lifesaver
AGM Electric Jack one take tire change video-easy tire change-flat tire-trail repair

The Electric Jack

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Battery Mount Type: For use with Milwaukee Battery

For use with Milwaukee Battery
For use with Dewalt Battery

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Say goodbye to the headache and struggle of unsafe mechanical jacks and weak air jacks and elevate your lifting game with the Electric Jack. This revolutionary tool is here to make lifting your ride effortless, efficient, and above all, safe.

**Key Features:**

🔌 One-Button Wonder: With the Electric Jack, lifting your vehicle becomes as easy as pushing a switch. No more cranking, pumping, or straining – just smooth and seamless lifting at your fingertips.

🚀 Quick Release Height Adjustment: Need to make on-the-fly adjustments? No problem. The Electric Jack offers quick-release height adjustments, allowing you to fine-tune your lift with precision and speed.

🔋 Battery-Powered Convenience: Say goodbye to manual labor. The Electric Jack is powered by a single drill battery, ensuring portability and hassle-free operation.

💪 Loaded with Features: This multifunction trail tool is not just for lifts; it's packed with features that make it a true all-in-one solution. From vehicle roll-over recoveries to versatile applications, the Electric Jack has you covered.

📏 Impressive Specifications: With a robust 2000 lbs lifting capacity, 14" travel, and a convenient 17" external height adjustment, the Electric Jack is engineered for performance and versatility.

🧳 Compact and Portable: Weighing in at just 17 lbs and collapsing to a mere 35 3/4", the Electric Jack is a space-saving powerhouse. It's no-sink pad design ensures stability and safety during use.

🔌 Battery Interface Options: Choose between Milwaukee or DeWalt battery interfaces to suit your preferences and existing tools.

🔧 Modular Mounting System: Customize your setup with ease. The Electric Jack features a modular mounting system, allowing you to use our lift adapters (Jack Points or Universal Hook) or create your own solution.

🏆 Patented Innovation: The Electric Jack is backed by Patent No. 11,584,624, assuring you of its unique and cutting-edge design.

Upgrade your lifting game with the Electric Jack and experience a new level of convenience and safety. Whether you're new to off-road or a professional, this tool will revolutionize the way you work.

Don't wait to experience the future of lifting technology. Get yours now and discover the power of effortless lifting.



Capacity- 2000lbs

Collapsed Length- 35.75 in. 

External Height Adjustment-17in.

Travel length- 14in.

Weight- 17lbs






NOTE: Jack and components are sold "A La Carte", so you can build exactly what you want. Accessories are sold separately, including Batteries! This is a modular system so feel free to purchase the Weld-On Jack points or make your own attachment tool for the jack. 

NOTE: DeWalt Powerstack battery does NOT work with AGM Electric Jack.

The Electric Jack has a total length of 35.75 inches, end to end, with the pad at the bottom of the jack folded flat for storage.

You will need a minimum of 37 inches of space to mount the “Weld-On Chassis Mount kit”. This equals 35 inches from the tab face on one mount to the tab face on the other mount. Please note this distance requires the Electric Jack to be fully collapsed when installed into the mount. Which is the ideal configuration when storing as it is the fastest and easiest to duplicate every time you are done using the Electric Jack and need to put it away.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Dennis Derry
DDD. Pro R

The jack works great in testing in the driveway.
Haven’t needed it yet on the trail.
I need to find a better way to mount on my Pro R.
The rear seat method does not work for us, some skinned knees.
Need method as on my son’s SPEED.
I will probably order some weld on mounts soon if we can’t add to tire carrier.
Dennis Derry

BitRacing Sociedade

The Electric Jack

Savage UTV
Highly Recommend!

These AGM Jacks are the way to go!

Jonathan Wantink
Best tool in the war chest

One of the most versatile players in our off road war chest!!

Daniel Sanchez
Electric jack and warranty service

This is jack is awesome!! They really are built to be bulletproof. My pro r was stolen and recovered it was tipped on its side where the jack was stored on the cage with the quick clamp chassis tube mounts, one mount broke and the other held strong. My jack had some cosmetic damage, but still functioned 100% even having the weight of my pro r sliding on the asphalt. I reached out to costumer service sent some photos of the damage. Navid replied “o’yeah we can repair it no problem, send it in.” It was a quick and painless 4 days from the time I shipped to when I received it back. They really took care of me and even helped alleviate some of the financial aspect, I paid some, but they definitely stand behind there products.