Brake Pressure Bleeder - AGMProducts
Brake Pressure Bleeder - AGMProducts
Brake Pressure Bleeder - AGMProducts
Brake Pressure Bleeder - AGMProducts
Brake Pressure Bleeder - AGMProducts
Brake Pressure Bleeder - AGMProducts
Using the brake bleeder on a Ford f150
Using the brake bleeder on a toyota
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Brake Pressure Bleeder - AGMProducts
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Brake Pressure Bleeder

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We've all been there – the frustration of waiting on friends to help you bleed your brakes or the inevitable arguments with your significant other over the "pump and hold" method. The end result? Soft, unresponsive brakes that fall short of the dealership-quality brake flush you were aiming for.


The solution is positive pressure. The AGM Brake Pressure Bleeder is engineered to use positive pressure (not vacuum like other bleeders) to effectively flush 100% of the dirty fluid and air out of your brake system. Say goodbye to subpar results and say hello to a professional-grade brake bleed, all at a fraction of the cost. And just like those expensive dealer systems, our AGM Brake Pressure Bleeder automatically tops up your brake fluid reservoir as you bleed your brakes.


**Key Features:**

👤 One Person Job: Have you ever wished you could bleed your brakes without relying on your overly talkative, not so mechanical neighbor Bob, because everyone else was “busy”? With the AGM Brake Pressure Bleeder, you can! No need to wait around until a friend is available, as this easy-to-use system lets you take control of the brake bleeding process by yourself.


💨 Constant Pressure: The AGM Brake Pressure Bleeder works with your air compressors to guarantee you have the power you need to get the job done efficiently and without accidentally letting air into your brake system. 


👍 Works with ABS & Traction Control: Your vehicle is equipped with ABS or traction control you say. No problem, our pressure bleeder is up to the task. It's a versatile tool designed to meet the needs of various vehicles.


BONUS: We include a FREE Catch Bottle, Syringe, and Filler Cap Wrench with your purchase of the AGM Brake Pressure Bleeder. 


Upgrade your brake bleeding process with the AGM Brake Pressure Bleeder, and ensure that your vehicle's safety and performance are in top form. Because when it comes to brakes, compromise is not an option.


Get your AGM Brake Pressure Bleeder today and bleed brakes like a pro!

…unless you like unsafe, sketchy brakes. Then call Bob, I'm sure he would love the company. 😜



  • 3 liter capacity
  • Built in adjustable pressure regulator
  • Built in pressure gauge
  • Built in ball valve to seal system from atmosphere
  • Works with air compressor
  • Works on vehicles with ABS or traction control

NOTE- Reservoir Adapter Cap NOT Included. Sold separately. 



    Step_1_fill_the_bleeder - AGMProducts


    Fill with the correct brake fluid for your vehicle.

    Step_2_Connect_air_to_AGM_Brake_Bleeder_combined - AGMProducts


    Connect to shop air and your vehicle.

    Step_3_Open_ball_valve - AGMProducts


    Slowly open the ball valve to begin your brake bleed.



    If you are asking this question, that is a great start. Many people have not been told of the critical role that brake fluid plays in keeping you safe while driving. Watch this video before you drive again.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Andres Garcia
    Pressure bleeder made easy

    I love the product, already serviced a second car at my home the had a bad rear wheel cylinder and bleed the brakes all around in minutes. So I did them twice just for good measure, and the Universal bleeder bottle cover worked on both my ford and my Chevy units.

    Mitchel Barker
    Best investment ever

    Just as good as any other pressure bleeder out there and 1/4 the price! This has saved me so much time doing brake flushes that it has payed for itself 2x over in the last month. Would recommend this to anyone whether pro or diyer.

    Joesph Faris Jr

    Great product simple and great fit easy to use for someone who has never bleed brakes before

    Didnt fit CNC set up perfectly

    i had to use teflon tape to keep it from leaking on my CNC set up. Once set up it works great.

    Joe Williams
    Looks like it should work

    Haven't used it yet.