QUICK TIPS - How To Bleed Brake The EASY Way

UTV Brake Bleed - AGM Products Quick Tip


Bleeding your brakes is simple yet daunting, but what if we showed you a way to bleed your brakes the easy way, in minutes, by yourself? No, this isn't a gimmick or trick. The AGM Products Pressure Brake Bleeder makes Bleeding your brakes simpler that an oil change. Simply install the correct cap on the reservoir, connect the Pressure Brake Bleeder to the cap, shop air to the bleeder with new fluid in it, open the air valve on the bleeder. once the system is pressurized, start cracking bleeders. Working from the furthest to closest to the reservoir. Once the fluid runs bubble free and clear into the supplied catch bottle, your done! Bleeding your brakes should be done way more than the average vehicle gets it done. Now, making sure you can safety stop is easy peezy lemon squeezy. Click to watch video