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Quick Tips - Simple Ideas that Save You Time and Frustration

Top 8 Unwritten Rules of the Desert | AGM Quick Tip

Top 8 unwritten rules of the desert

The Desert is an awesome place. So many new people are discovering this, but no one is letting them know how to behave while they learn and explore the activity we know and love. Here is our Top 8 unwritten rules of the desert. Let us know yours below and if you find value in this video, please share it with others. Together we can educate the community, making the desert a cleaner and safer place to play. Ensuring we will get to do exactly that for decades to come.

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Why Bleed Your Brakes? | AGM Quick Tip



We always hear that we should bleed our brakes. But why? Does it really matter? And what happens if I don't? In today's Quick Tip we talk about why its important and the best way to tackle the Job. Don't worry its easier than you might think.

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Must Know! How to keep bolts from falling out of your socket | AGM Quick Tip

Pro tip for installing bolts

Do you throw tools or curse the engineers while working on your ride? The frustration of trying to get some nuts and bolts back in their hole can be unbearable. You drop them over and over hoping they hit the ground and when they don't, the 20 minute search begins. Here are some quick and easy tips that will keep your hardware in the socket until it finds its home and keep you from going to the looney bin.

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Do this before heading to the Desert in your UTV! | AGM Quick Tip

It's a little scary how quick the nuts and bolts holding your suspension and steering together, can come loose. It's a problem the affects every UTV...Including yours. Here are some quick and simple things you can do to make sure your suspension and steering stay attached to your UTV, so you have a great day on the trail.

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How to Properly Service Your UTV Clutches | AGM Quick Tip

How to service your clutch

UTVs have come a very long way and while some still call them "golf carts", they are far from an EZ-GO. As they grow in weight and horsepower, belt life seems to be getting shorter and shorter. Here are some quick and easy tips to increase belt life.

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Don't Get Stranded in the Desert! Support Your Nuts! | AGM Quick Tips

AGM Quick Tip_support your jam nuts
"Don't let nut failure ruin your life" - Uncle Lance
Check out this weeks' Quick Tip for a simple way to support your nuts and prevent suspension failure. 
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How to shorten vehicle preparation time for your next race | AGM Quick Tips

Isn't it funny how it doesn't matter if we have 3 months or 3 weeks, we always manage to need every minute to get our vehicle prep done?

Here are a few Quick Tips to help you compress that time. Get the work done sooner and with less stress. Go into your next event excited, focused and not completely blown out from a week of all nighters.

You'll get better results and your team will thank you. Make the changes today, because dammit you deserve it!



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This is a MUST KNOW When Building Your Car! | AGM Quick Tip on Bolt Lengths

This is a MUST KNOW When Building Your Car! | AGM Quick Tip on Bolt Lengths

This ONE thing can save you from getting stranded in the desert! Not to mention reduces wear!

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There's no way to shine it up...CV prep is never fun. But in today's video we show you a hand full of quick tips that will keep you cleaner, make the job easier, and ensure its done quickly, with less issues. Enjoy! 

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Rally Notes Explained! How do they Help? | AGM Quick Tips

Rally Notes Explained! How do they Help? | AGM Quick Tip

Learn what Rally Notes are and how they are useful! If you want to learn how to write the short hand you see in the pace notebooks, let us know in the comments! Consider Subscribing and share with a friend!

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One thing you shouldn't go off road without! Ratchet Straps / Quick Tips

In today's Quick Tip we cover another use for your Ratchet Straps. Be sure to watch before you hit the trails, it could save you ass!

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How To Attract Sponsors the right way! | AGM Quick Tips

How to get a Sponsors? | Quick Tips

Love racing, but need more budget to grow your program. Do this one thing to help get more sponsorship's.
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